Gratitude: A Month of Guest Posts!

Welcome to November! I am most definitely NOT one of those people who skips straight to Christmas, thank-you-very-much…so that’s why I feel so privileged to have been asked to join a seasonal blog hop. Our theme for the whole month? Gratitude. Along with sixteen other educators, I will be putting my words about gratitude out into the world. I can’t wait for you to read, share, and love every single post. Who knows? You just mind find something else to be thankful for. 

About Our Guest Writer

Our first grateful guest is Adam Powley, who lives near the beach in South Carolina, and enjoys teaching in a gamified high school social studies classroom. You know that word gamified sparks one of my passions for this blog, so his words will be extra special. Start reading below…

Words on Gratitude from our Guest

“There is an interesting phenomenon when two people are in a long term relationship. Eventually the two extended families’ traditions and customs begin to merge and combine. Early in my relationship with my wife I was invited to her family’s Thanksgiving day meal which was very different than my own family’s traditions. In my family Thanksgiving a day about hunting and football with a meal thought of as secondary. Growing up in rural western New York late November is both freezing cold and deer season.

My father and uncles would all wake up at 4am dress, have coffee, and meet in some frozen field, usually covered in snow, to go hunting. Before I was legally old enough to hunt I was dragged out on this tradition as a “runner”. My job was to run through the woods making noise in an effort to chase out any sleeping deer. Thankfully, one dinner didn’t rely on actually getting any venison because another part of this tradition was that no one ever actually shot a deer. In fact I don’t ever remember a shot being fired; not by choice of course I guess the deer were smarter than our hunting party…”

Want to read more? Visit Adam’s blog to see the rest of the post, and make sure to leave a comment telling him how much you loved it. 

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