Tech Tuesday #16: Five Tricks for Getting More Out of your Interactive Whiteboard

For all the thousands of dollars spent on interactive whiteboard technology in classrooms across the world, you’d think those boards would be a little more…well…interactive. But who’s touching, writing on, and playing with those boards? In most classes, it’s the teacher. However, it’s really students who need the opportunity to touch and interact with those boards to cement their learning.

In the video below, I discuss five ways to make your interactive whiteboard more than just a “bedsheet in the backyard.” Let it do more than just project. It can:

  1. help students who missed class interact at home
  2. help you track attendance
  3. help you deliver content to student devices
  4. help you transform dull slide decks into interactive learning experiences
  5. help you engage students with games-based learning

Is your board doing all that? If not, watch the video below, which was recorded from my weekly Facebook Live session every Tuesday at 8PM EST. I’d love to have you join me next week!

With Tech and Twang,

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Smartboard Tips and Tricks Prezi

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